About Volleyball ...

The game of volleyball, originally called “mintonette,” was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan after the invention of basketball only four years before. Morgan, a graduate of the Springfield College of the YMCA, designed the game to be a combination of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball.

Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation is the main governing body of Volleyball in Sri Lanka, where volleyball is its national sport. The game of volleyball was introduced to Sri Lanka in 1916 by Mr. R. W. Camack, then Director of Physical Education at the Colombo Y.M.C.A.

President : Ranjith Siyambalapitya

Founded on : 1951

Volleyball is an Olympic team sport in which two teams of six active players, separated by a high net, each try to score points against one another by grounding a ball on the other team`s court under organized rules.


DSI Super sport school volleyball Championship – 2018 Colombo District – under 15 Boys Champions

DSI Super sport school volleyball Championship – 2018 Colombo District – under 12 Boys Champions


“Ran Ridee” Volleyball Tournement – 2018 Western Province – Under 15 Boys 1st Runner up

Blue Gold & Blue Volleyball Tournament – 2018 Western Province – Under 14   Boys Runner up

DSI Super sport school volleyball Championship – 2017 Colombo District – under 13 Boys 1st Runner up

Practice Schedule

Monday – 6:00am to 7:30am

Wednesday – 2:00pm to 5:00pm

Friday – 6:00 to 7:30am


Team Members


Teacher in charge

Mrs.Nilmini Ihalanayaka

Teacher in charge

Mr.M.Lalith Ashoka Perera


S.M.M.Themiya Samarasinghe


R.P.Dhaham Rajapaksha

vice captain

P.D.C.Janadara Senarathna

team member

R.V.Dulanka Sanjanath Vitharana

team member


team member

Bimsara Dilmina Ruwan Pathirana

team member

L.Adeesha Lakshan

team member

G.K.Sahan Kalhara Vanigarathna

team member

D.K.Analka Sonal Kulasooriya

team member

Chaniru Senhas Hewage

team member

D.Nimesh Rashmika Silva

team member

G.M.Tharun Dilanka

team member