Tournaments and Matches conducted in 2018

D.S. Oarsmen have a short but eventful history. Rowing was introduced to D.S. Senanayake College in the year 2011 with only 05 students underthe guidance of Mrs. Soma Malawaraarachchi and the Captaincy of Nadeesha Dhanukshitha and Sadeepa Sandaruwan.

The crew first began to sale at the pears of Bolgoda Lake Rowing Clubwas coached by Mr. Lasantha Welikala with minimum resources and much difficulty.After a couple of years,with more oarsmen joining the crew, practices shifted to Diyawanna Rowing Centre. D.S. Oarsmen have participated in Asian Schools Regatta’s in Pakistan, Dubai,Singapore, China and Malaysia for five consecutive years and performed well in this short span of time. Mrs. Malawaraarachchi still holds the rudder while more than twenty oarsmen have strengthened the D.S. crew as at present.

For the first time in the rowing history of D.S. our crew lead under the captaincy of Dulsith Jayatillake, grabbed seven medals including the under fourteen age group championship at the Junior Nationals in 2018 held at Colombo Rowing Club, taking many rowing giants by surprise. Another initiative was taken in the year 2018 under the captaincy of Dulsith, when DS held its inaugural Inter House Rowing meet graced by the Principal of the College at Diyawannawa Rowing Centre, with the guidance of Teacher in Charge Mrs. Soma Malawaraarachchi.



2 Silver Medals ( 2014 School Nationals )

3 Gold Medals ( 2018 School Nationals )

3 Silver Medals ( 2018 School Nationals )

1 Bronze Medal ( 2018 School Nationals )


3 Silver Medals ( 2012 Pakistan )

2 Gold Medals ( 2017 China )

4 Silver Medals ( 2017 China )

4 Bronze Medals ( 2017 China )

 4 Silver Medals ( 2018 Malayasia )

Practice Schedule

Tuesday  ( 15:00 to 18:00 ) @ Diyawanna Rowing Center

Thursday ( 15:00 to 18:00 ) @ Diyawanna Rowing Center

Saturday ( 15:00 to 18:00 ) @ Diyawanna Rowing Center

Team Members

Mrs. Soma Malawaraarachchi

Teacher in charge

Major Nirmal


Uvein Rajapakshe


Chanupa Kaluarachchi

vice Captain (outdoor)

Vevin Rajapakshe

Vice captain (indoor)