About Gymnastics ...

The word gymnastic derives from the Greek words ‘gymnazo’ meaning to exercise naked .This sport sharpen the skills for the other sports.

With this mission Artistic gymnastic was initiated in the year 2000 under the guidance of the principal Mr Asoka Senani Hewage .

Mr. Thushara Indika was the first coach of this sport.  He served as a coach from 2000-2016

From today, out of 8 form of gymnastic Artistic gymnastic and Aerobatic gymnastic are popular and functioning in school. All the culmination of 2018.There were 18 years of golden history recorded in the school, obtaining international level, national level, victoner and had clinched glory to the school.


National Level

International Level

Ministry of Education- All island school games 2018

1.  Under 14 boys- Trio

     2nd Place  – A.M.Udula Methsara

                        S.Nemitha Mahagedra


2.  Under 14 boys-  Individual

     1st Place  A.M.Udula Methsara

3.  Under 14 boys- Champion

                        A.M.Udula Methsara

4.  Under 16 boys- Trio

     3rd Place  S.Rivin Sathnidu

                    Ilham Asmon

                    Vidul Nimseth

5.  Under 16 boys- Group

     3rd Place  S.Rivin Sathnidu

                        Ilham Asmon

                        Vidul Nimseth

                        Chanuth Mendis



1st Asian Aerobic gymnastic cup competition in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

1. Age group 1- Trio

     3rd place- A.M.Udula Methsara

2. Age group 2 – Group

     3rd place– S.Rivin Sathnidu

3. Age group 2- Mix pare

     3rd place- S.Rivin Sathnidu

Practice Schedule

Every Monday and Wednesday at 2.00 p.m to 4.30 p.m

Team Members

Mrs.Anuja Manjari Pragnaratue

Teacher- in-charge

Mr.Roshan Wickramathunga

Teacher in charge



Mr.Heshan Roshod


Rivin Sathnidu


Udula Methsara

vice captain