Tournaments and Matches conducted in 2018

Under 16/18/20 divisional tournament

Under 20 zonal tournament

Hameed Al Husseinie under 20 football tournament

Under 14 / 16 school Federation Tournament

Under 14 /16 /20 friendly matches with Thurstan College

Under 14 /16/20 friendly matches with President College


Under 20 Divisional Champions

Practice Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 a.m. at school new ground

Team Members

Mr. R.U.M Sudusinghe

Teacher in charge
(under 20)

Miss N. Weerasinghe

Teacher in charge
(under 18)

Mr. Gopinath

Teacher in charge
(under 16)

Mr. Fonseka

Teacher in charge
(under 14)

Mr. A.L.M Arfath

Teacher in charge
(under 12)

Mr. Lal Jayawardhana


Mohommed Sadhan

captain (under 20)

R. Raffath Sharoz

captain (under 18)

Dishal Hewage

captain (under 14)