Temperance Society

About Our Society ....

Temperance society has contributed immensely for unending struggle of independence. Laymen and Buddhist clergy alike voluntarily dedicated to render services for the quest for independence.

The excise act which was brought forward under the patronage of English was adopted in the constitutional assembly on April 7th 1909. The national leaders emphasized that the consequences of the act would bring immense damage to the island nature.

The national leaders started to protest against the widely spread taverns throughout the country. Anagarika Dharmapala emerged as the most prominent Buddhist leader from the rest of the leaders. one of the prime objectives was to fight against the excise act.

Establishment of Our Society ....

With the rapid growth of addictives to narcotics among school children more drastic measures than the temperance society was called for.


  • To avoid students addiction to narcotics and liquor
  • Save those who have already got addicted.
  • Make the school community be aware of the narcotics and liquor.
  • Launch programs to alleviate drug addiction.
  • Create a society devoid of drug addiction.

Events accomplished by the Anti-Narcotic Unit

Poster exhibition – from 17th – 28th January 2019 in the school premises.

Implementation of programmes in parallel anti narcotic week declared by Presidential Secretariat.

Inquire about bringing liquor and addictive to home at the Parent -Student meeting on 21st of January 2019.

Participants  – students of grades 6 – 11 and their parents.

Make students be aware of alleviation of drugs – 22nd of January 2019.

Recorded speech delivered in Sinhala & English by Janidu Randil and let all the students listen to it.

A programme was organized with the students and the Police officers on 23rd of January 2019 in the college auditorium.

     Participants –

  • Divisional Co-ordinating Community Officer (Mr. H.B.M. Kingsly Weerakoon, Colombo South)
  • J.A.R.K. Jayakody (Police Station, Cinnamon Gardens, Colombo 07)
  • Member of the staff
  • Wellawaye Wimalamoorthi Thero (Mr. Bandara Athauda)

Aims of the programmes –

  • Inquire about the duty done by the defense to alleviate drug abuse.
  • Programme conducted with the politicians and journalists as invites
  • Date & Organizers – 25th January 2019 in the R.I.T. Alles main Hall under the patronage of Ministry of finance & Journalism.

     Chief Organizers – Anti narcotic unit of D.S. Senanayake College, Colombo 07.



To create a school system devoid of abuse, addiction of liquor and narcotics.


To take steps to reduce or alleviate abuse and addiction to narcotics by educating mediation and promotion.

Office Bearers

Daham Prabodha


Dilan Dilshan


Linuka Rivirihan


Lochana Sanadaruwan

vice President

Malinda Hanasamal

vice president

Prabodha Kavindya

vice secretary

Navodya Sampath

vice secretary

Dineth Methnuka

vice treasurer

Navod Dulsara

vice treasurer

Janidu Randil

chief organizer

Thilina Kavinda

chief organizer

Dineth Gammanpila

chief organizer

About Us

We are the Temparance Society of D. S. Senanayake College ...