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The Islamic majlis (society) of D. S. Senanayake College holds a prestigious history of 38 years and was established in 1980 under the guidance of our founder late Mr. R. I. T. Alles, following the advice of the principal and the teachers.

The Islamic Majlis has served all Senanayakians at the utmost level. This is done not only by catering to knowledge but also by creating and strengthening brotherhood, building up healthy relationships and mutual understanding. Every year we have been organizing inter-school and intra-school events which gives an opportunity for the students of our school and as well as the other schools to enhance their knowledge.

The majlis has brought in many achievements bringing pride to our Alma mater. Our own mates has given their maximum  effort in providing aids, novel ideas and suggestions and of course, not forgetting the precious advice of our teachers and the guiding light of our alma mater, our principal Mr. C. N. Bamunuaarachchi.

Events Accomplished by the Islamic Society

Annual Ifthar Photos

Inter-school Islamic Day

The inter school islamic day competition organized by the islamic majlis of our school.

Most of the invited schools from the western Province participated in various competitions such as , multimedia presentation, quiz and calligraphy 

Which were held in 3 languages of English, Sinhala and tamil

The annual competition were held within the college premises. Students of all grades participated in this event.

The competition include quiz, calligraphy, oratory, essay, quirath, hifl and qaseedha in 3 languages. The winners of these events are to be awarded with valuable certificates and medals on the Annual Islamic Day

Islam Room Renovation

Islamic Day 2018

Masjid Renovation

D.S.Senanayake College is the multi racial as well as cultural school in Sri Lanka. This masjid was renovated under islamic majlis board for propagate co-existence as well as harmony and throughout mother DS

Office Bearers

M.I.Abdur Rahman


Akmal Ali Jasmin


Thanish Arsalan


Muzmir Liyafdeen

Joint Secretary

Ahamed Rahmathullah

Vice president

Afzhal Ahamed

Vice president

Hashir Halaldeen

Assistant Secretary

Mohamed Aashiq

Assistant Secretary

Fatheen Fuard

Assistant Treasurer

Thalha Muksith


Abdullah Ifham


Mohamed Riyas


Abdul Basith

Chief Organizer

Mohamed Zaid


Ihthisham Imthiyas


Ahamed Fayad


Rizwan Abdullah


Hassan Thaseem


Mohamed Yoosuf Ali


Mohamed Ansaf


Abdullah Rimzan


Mohamed Noor


Mohamed Sadhan


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We are the Islamic Society of D. S. Senanayake College ...