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Agriculture Society of the D. S. Senanayake Collage commenced ten years ago and have been consist of the students who opted agriculture as a subject. The major objective of the society is to promote and popularize agriculture among the student community with a better understanding of nature and its conservation while supporting the food production of the country through home gardening and urban agriculture. Further to that the society also helped the students to understand and practice green agriculture through organic farming in view of reducing environment pollution while producing healthy food.

Activities conducted by the Agriculture Society

The society actively involved in supporting the government-initiated food production program under the instruction of the ministry of education. Based on this program the society distributed various plants including fruit crops, to be established within the school premises through organizing different student groups of various levels.

The teachers of respective sections were actively involved in the program which was highly successful. Through this program students were able to gain experience in preparing of planting media and materials and how to establish plants in pots and manage them.

Students of the society was involved in activities of the agriculture unit of the school and had hand in experience in preparing organic fertilizer which have been used in the school garden.

Students involved in designing and preparing posters on nature and agriculture.

Preparing name boards with scientific names and common names in Sinhala and Tamil, enabling identification of plants and trees within the school premises to promote awareness among the student community.

Office Bearers

I.D.N Padmini

teacher in charge

T.A Hashan Rasanjana


K.K Ashmitha Devinda


T.A Hashan Kumara


K.P Jayathilaka

committee member

S.B Madawala

committee member

A.T.K Denuwan

committee member

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We are the Agriculture Society of D. S. Senanayake College ...