About School

D. S. Senanayake College (Sinhala: ඩී.එස්.සේනානායක විද්‍යාලය D. S. Senanayaka Vidyalaya) (also referred to as DS) is a selective entry boys’ school in Sri Lanka. It was established on 10th of February 1967 under the stewardship of Sir R.I.T. Alles. As a national school it is controlled by the central government.
The College is named after the first Prime Minister of Independent Sri Lanka, Don Stephen Senanayake, who is also considered the Father of the Nation. It’s a muti-ethnic, trilingual school established in Sri Lanka.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is a shield which is partitioned into two parts. The upper section has the lion of the Sri Lankan flag and the lower section has an oil lamp. A wreath of paddy is partially encircling the shield and the motto Country Before Self is in a scroll. It consists of two colours black and gold.
The lion in the logo symbolizes the bravery of students, the lamp symbolizes wisdom and two bunches of paddy symbolize prosperity. The motto “Country before Self” is included in the logo which also the philosophy of D.S. Senanayake, the first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.
Some decades back, the crown of the Kandyan monarch which is depicted in the crest of Royal College Colombo, was depicted in the school’s crest as well.


Students are placed in one of four houses according to their admission number. They compete each year to win the Inter-house Competitions.






D.S. Senanayake College, situated on R.G. Senanayake Mawatha (formerly Gregory Road), Colombo, Sri Lanka. School has current enrollment of over 6000 students under the caring and loving guidance of over 280 teachers. The school is listed among the National Schools, which come under the administration of the Ministry of Education, thus has direct funding from the ministry.

The College provides education to students from Grade 1 to 13 in Sinhala, Tamil and English languages. It also provides Mathematics, Science, Commerce, Arts, IT & Technical fields for the Advance Level Examinations. D.S.S.C. which molds students according to the moto “Country before Self” is also famous as a school which houses students belonging to all races and religions as well as different walks of life. Sinhalese, Muslims, Tamils and Burgers which adore Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity all study under one roof united as one to fulfill the need of creating virtuous citizens to the land.

The school is equipped with smart classrooms, Auditoriums, multiple science laboratories and computer laboratories, swimming pool complex, grounds and sports complex for sports activities etc. It also has more than 50 Clubs, Societies & Associations engaged in all types of Co-curricular activities.

Not only our school is recognized as an institution that provides the country with professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants but also is famous for producing sportsmen who have gained fame nationally as well as around the globe. It is with great pride the school boasts the ability of producing students capable of pioneering the future of the nation.

Our school has laid a strong foundation on creating a proud generation with a vivid personality right from the beginning in grade 1. Activities such as swimming, chess, art, music and drama included in the daily schedule as well as other activities such as gymnastic, scouting and cub scouting, cricket, hockey, rugby, basketball are just a handful of the array of numerous activities employed in fulfilling this cause.

Apart from the aspect of educational and extracurricular development, the school organizes sil programmes, various Islamic, Hindu and catholic programmes to develop the spiritual well-being of the students ensuring the well balanced nature of our beloved students. This has empowered the vision of a united family which is exemplary to the nation.

School Flag

The school flag consist of two colors black and gold. It was suggested by the founder principal Mr. R.I.T. Alles to symbolize discipline.

DS flag II

School Anthem

Sinhala version of school anthem was composed by Navarathna Atttanayke and the lyrics are by Premakeerthi De Alwis. The anthem is recited every morning in school days.